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24 June 2008 @ 07:51 pm
Chapter Seventeen of My Heart Still Knows  
 Wow...did this chapter come on really fast! I figured it would take me a week at least to come up with the next one after I read the last chapter a few days ago! But nope...this actually came to me pretty fast...

I started thinking about how Paul went behind everyone's back and went to John Shanes, threatening to blackmail him, and I wondered, "hm...how would Amy feel if she found out?" Then BAM! this chapter was born. :)

Anyway, so I made the last part of this chapter a flashback...but I remembered how Marc met his future father, and how the two had run away together, and I just couldn't resist... :P

I also went a little crazy here...almost 2000 words! Whoo!

Anywho, enjoy!

Chapter Seventeen

The phone ringing aroused Amy from her comfortable sleep, the first fitful sleep she had had in a long time. She groaned and looked at her alarm clock beside her bed, and saw that the numbers read 2:30 AM. She groaned again at being woken up at two in the morning, and rolled back over, hoping that whoever was calling would call back at a more decent hour. She buried her head under her pillow, much like she used to do when she was a little girl and didn't want to get up for school. Still, the ringing of her holophone continued, and Amy finally relented to it. She yawned as she sat up in bed, and stretched for a minute before flipping on her bedside lamp, and walked across the floor to the phone on the counter, where she checked to see who was calling before answering. She frowned when she saw that it was her mother. Her mother never called this late, even when she was hit with one of her rare bouts of insomnia. Something had to be wrong. Flipping open her phone, Amy hit answer, and her mother's hologram appeared in front of her. She looked very worried, and when she saw Amy, she let out a small sigh of relief. 

"Mom?" Amy asked groggily, running a hand through her tangled curly hair. "What's going on? Is everything alright?"

"Amy, sweetie, sorry for calling at such a late hour." Her mother said apologetically. "But this couldn't wait til morning. I had to wait for you father to go to bed before I could call you to warn you..."

"Warn me?" Amy, her mind still foggy from sleep, asked. "Warn me of what? Mom, what's going on?"

"Amy, I'm afraid your father has done something...dishonorable." She said. "And now Marc might be in trouble." 

Amy was wide awake and alert now. "What did Daddy do?" She asked.

"I'm afraid your father went behind our backs and went to talk to Judge John Shanes today after he left the hospital. He dropped me off at home and said he had an important errand to run, and that he would be back later." 

"John Shanes?" Amy interjected. "Daddy's friend from college?"

Tessa nodded. "That's him." She said. 

"Why did he go see him?"

"Well, it seems that your father disapproves of Marc a lot more than we originally thought." Tessa said, sighing. "Do you remember that incident that happened all those years ago that your father helped John conceal, and John promised him a favor in return?" 

Amy nodded. 

"Well, he's taken him up on that favor. He went fishing for Marc's file today, and threatened to reveal John's secret if John doesn't reopen the case, and find a way to send Marc to prison." 

Amy's eyes widened and flashed with anger. "You mean, he threatened to go public with John's secret that happened all those years ago if he doesn't send Marc to jail?" She asked. 

Tessa nodded. 

"How could he?!" Amy asked, betrayal weighing in heavy on her heart. She had always looked up to her father, and had never asked anything more than love and trust from him. And now, here he was, going behind her back and trying to get her fiancée arrested for something he had already been sentenced for. 

"I wish I knew, sweetie." Tessa said. "I really do. All I can say is, I had to warn you. John thinks that Cornelius's invention the Blink might be a possible loophole..."

The Blink! Amy thought, mentally kicking herself for ever thinking up that idea. 

"But...if we use the Blink, Marc might forget everything! He might forget who he is, why he's in the hospital! He might forget..." She stopped. "Me." 

Tessa smiled sadly. "I know." She said. "That's why I called you. I was hoping you could maybe warn Marc, so it won't come as such a shock." She looked into Amy's eyes. "And maybe you can help him. You and Marc have a special relationship, Amy. I can see it by the way he looks at you, and you him. You have a special bond. I think that you always have. I think that your hearts knew when you were much younger who you were meant to be with. The heart always knows. Somehow, it always knows." She looked at the clock over Amy's shoulder. 3:00 AM exactly. 

"Well, you'd best be getting back to bed." She said. "I just thought it would be a good idea to call you and warn you both. You might want to get up early and tell Marc as soon as possible." 

Amy nodded. "I will." She said. "Thank you, Mom."

"You're welcome, sweetie. Sorry for waking you up." Tessa said, smiling. She hung up the phone, and her hologram disappeared. 

Amy, too, hung up the phone. She walked away from the kitchen counter, and sat down on her bed. She looked to her left, out the glass doors that led to her small back apartment patio. She got up and opened the doors, walking into the cool summer night. The light of the full moon guided her to her patio table and chairs, where she sat down in the chair and brought her knees to her chest. She gazed up at the moon, wondering. She wondered how her father could do something like this to her. Why couldn't he trust her to make her own decisions? He had never doubted her in the past...

As she thought more and more about her father's betrayal, she began to think more and more of her childhood in Mildred's orphanage, when she and Marc where still young and hadn't been adopted yet. She smiled as she remembered how they were going to run away to Canada to get married when they were five and six years old, and what had happened after they were brought back to the orphanage....

August 21st, 2007
30 years in the past

"Marc! Amy!" Mildred said, surprised, as she opened the front door of Sixth Street Orphanage to find five year old Amy and six year old Marc, accompanied by Officer James O'Brady, standing on the front porch. Several of the other children gathered behind her, all curious as to what was going on. A few "Marc and Amy got arrested!' and 'But there are no handcuffs!' came from the small group, but Mildred quickly silenced them with a glance over her shoulder. "What happened?"

"Good evening, ma'am." Officer O'Brady said. "My name is James O'Brady, and I found these two wandering around the train station. They looked out of place, so when I asked them what they were up to, and where their parents were, this little one told me they were running away and where they lived." He chuckled and placed a hand on little Amy's shoulder. Amy's blue eyes were wide with innocence and shame, while Marc had his arms crossed over his chest, a scowl planted firmly on his face. 

Officer O'Brady went on. "And let me tell you, this one put up quite the fight." He ruffled Marc's hair, then rubbed his kneecap. "I'll have the bruise to prove it." 

Mildred looked at Marc. "Marc!" She said. "Did you kick Officer O'Brady?" 

Marc looked up at her, his brown eyes sparkling. "Yes, I did." He said proudly. 

"Did you apologize?"


"Don't you think you should?"


"And why not?"

"Because we wanted to go to Canada! And he wouldn't let us!" 

"Well,  that's not really the point here, Marc." Mildred said. "The point is, you hurt Officer O'Brady, and you need to apologize. How would you feel if Officer O'Brady kicked you?"

Little Marc looked back up at Officer O'Brady, then back at Mildred. 

"I would probably be hurt because he has really big feet." He said. 

Mildred couldn't stop herself from chuckling at the little boy. Officer O'Brady chuckled himself. 

"It's OK, Marc." He said. "I probably deserved it anyway." He leaned down to their eye levels. "Just remember, don't ever go out into a big city like that again without an adult with you. Do you understand?" 

Marc and Amy nodded. 

"Alright then." Officer O'Brady stood back to his feet and shook Mildred's hand. "Good evening, ma'am."

"Good evening, officer. Thank you again." Mildred placed both hands on Marc's shoulders, while Amy clung to her skirt as they watched Officer O'Brady walk back to his car, which was parked on the side of the street. 

After he was gone, Mildred ushered the two kids back into the orphanage, closing the door behind her. She turned back to the two, hands on her hips. The rest of the orphans in the room dispersed, knowing Marc and Amy were in big trouble. Marc's friend Sammie stopped to pat his shoulder in sympathy, like he had seen in the movies, before going off with the others. 

"Well, looks like you two had quite the day, didn't you?" Mildred asked, making sure she kept her voice even, and the anger out. Even though she was angry at the boy and girl, she didn't want to be. After all, they were just children. 

Marc and Amy hung their heads. "We're sorry, Mildred." Amy said softly. "We won't do it again." 

"I certainly hope not!" Mildred said. "I was worried sick when I found out you were gone and none of the other kids had seen you! I was about ready to call the police when Officer O'Brady showed up with you!"

"We're sorry." Marc muttered again. 

Mildred sighed. "I know you are, Marc." She said. She bent down and hugged the two. "Just promise you won't do it again. Promise?"

"We promise." 

Mildred nodded, smiled, and stood back up. "Well, then." She said. "Now that that's over, you two will be helping me with the dishes tonight instead of watching a movie with the other kids as punishment. You may join them when we finish."

"But Mildred!" Marc protested. "Then we'll miss the opening parts!" 

"Sorry, you two, but you should have thought of that before you took off like you did!" She ruffled Marc's hair. "Besides, it's not that bad. You'll see..." 

Before she knew it, Amy was asleep again, curled up in her deck chair, under the light of the full moon.


PS - Sorry for the grey background...I wrote it in my journal first, then copied and pasted it into word, and then pasted it into the cut from there...and I couldn't get rid of it...my bad! Won't happen again!
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Jamie: Edmund - PiPprincessatta on June 26th, 2008 02:54 pm (UTC)
Aww, sweet flashback. Hmm, what should happen next. I might have an idea. If only time permits me to flesh it out!

The background is okay. Actually made it easier to read. It's LJ's fault for messing with coding.
Robin Ann Bates: faithdoodlegirll on June 26th, 2008 06:42 pm (UTC)
I couldn't help myself! I loved writing little Marc and little Amy! :D