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16 August 2008 @ 02:57 am
Thoughts of a Condemned Man ~ A webstory oneshot!  
Whee! I haven't had an idea for a webstory oneshot in a long time, and then tonight as I was sitting at the computer listening to music, BOOM! this little story came to mind!

I decided to write it, even though I wasn't exactly sure where to start. I thought about it a minute, and eventually just started typing, and once my fingers got going, there was no stopping them! There are times when I'm sure you couldn't keep these babies back with stainless steel chains. :P

So anyway, here it is! I took a few liberties with it, like setting it sometime in September. We never did say when the first webstory was set when we wrote it last summer, so I took a guess and said around September, making it so I could have the cell be a little chilly, and thus making Marc think a little clearer. Being in a cold room sure helps me to think better, so I guess maybe I thought it would for Marc, too...

I hope it's not too confusing. It's a little jumbled, I'll admit, but I think it turned out fairly well. :) And I haven't read the webstory again in a very LONG time, so I'm pretty sure I've gotten the chronology of some events out of order, so please bear with me...

Anyway, enjoy!

Title: Thoughts of a Condemned Man
Rating: PG
Words: 811
Characters/Pairings: Marc, mentions of Doris (though not directly, more of a reference), Robinson family, and Amy
Summary: Marc thinks...

The night was slightly chilly in the dark cell of the Old Town Precinct as moonlight flittered into it, casting a beam of light across the cold concrete floor. A very slight breeze could be felt if one was near the window, but the figure that occupied this cell wasn't near the window at all. 

Marc O'Brady sighed as he stared up at the ceiling, his hands behind his head as he lay on the hard cell bunk. His breath came out in tiny puffs of white smoke, indicating the temperature was indeed dropping, which could be expected in mid September. His mind swirled with aniticipation of tomorrow; the day he would be sentenced. 

Marc was, to say the least, terrified. The thought of going to his trial and being sentenced to any number of things absolutely scared him to ever fibre of his being. Marc knew he deserved whatever it was that was going to happen to him; after all, he had kidnapped Wilbur, and it was his fault Wilbur had gotten hurt. He was a monster, and he was going to be punished. 

You're not a monster. 

Amy's voice echoed through his memory of earlier that evening,  when Amy had paid him a visit to tell him of Cornelius's new plan to help him. He and Amy had talked for as long as officers that patrolled the area stayed on the other end of the jailhouse. Marc had confessed how scared he was to Amy, and how he felt like a monster for what he had done to Wilbur, and how he didn't deserve any of the help Cornelius was so freely giving him. 

"You're not a monster, Marc." Amy had said softly. "You're a man whose made a mistake." 

Yes, he had made a mistake. All people made mistakes, Marc knew that. But this mistake...this mistake was the biggest he'd ever made. This mistake would cost him dearly. 

Marc swallowed at the thought of punishment. Would he be sentenced to life in prison without parole? Chain gang? 


Marc shuddered at the thought of the latter sentence as he took in a deep breath, trying to calm himself. He knew that the death sentence was something they rarely ever carried out anymore, even on mass murderers and people who had been condemned of unspeakable crimes, and especially not kidnapping cases. 

Then again, no one had ever kidnapped the son of Cornelius Robinson before, and nearly killed him, either. The most famous man in all of history. He had kidnapped and threatened not only his son, but the man himself as well.

And the sentence still existed. And if that was the sentence the jury and judge deemed suitable for him, not even Cornelius could get him out of it. 

Still, Marc was comforted by the thought that Cornelius was doing everything in his power to help his friend. He was willing to go as far as using the Blink tomorrow...something that could cost him, too, if he got caught.

And then there was Amy. 

Marc knew Amy cared for him, and just her name brought a smile to his face, and filled his heart with hope. He was definitely in love with her, there was no denying that anymore. She was by far the greatest thing that had ever happened to him.

Somehow, Marc was happy he had done what he did. It had brought out his true colors, and taken away all those callous thoughts and feelings he had harbored over the years. It had brought him closer to the Robinsons (even though he still wasn't quite sure how exactly that had worked out). 

And it had brought Amy to him. Amy had helped him see the truth, the truth that he had not seen before. The truth that he had overlooked all those years. Amy was his ray of light in the dark, helping him see the way back to who Marc had always been, leading him away from who he thought he was and showing him who he really was.

Marc had something to fight for. Had Amy not shown up and confessed her feelings for him, bringing out the feelings he had buried so long ago for her, Marc would have given up, having no hope to carry on. 

And he knew that no matter what his sentence was, Amy would be there for him, to comfort and support him the whole way. She was his life, his everything, now. As long as she lived, he would fight.

And he promised himself that if he ever got out of there, he would prove that to her. 

Marc smiled into the dark. "Amy." He breathed, his breath once again coming in white puffs. 

Suddenly at peace with his troubled mind, Marc sighed and closed his eyes, drifting off to sleep. 

Tomorrow was a big day.

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Robin Ann Batesdoodlegirll on August 16th, 2008 11:10 pm (UTC)
Thanks. :)

No problem. This summer has been completely unpredictable for both of us, huh?