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robinson_ws's Journal

The Meet the Robinsons Webstory Community!
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The place where Meet the Robinsons fanatics come together to write fanfiction!
IMPORTANT MESSAGE, As of October 1st, 2007, there is no longer a time limit! -cheers- It was too much of a problem for many of the authors here, so the limit is now whenever you get around to writing it basically...

Hi, guys!

Thanks to the feedback on the Meet the Robinsons fan community, therobinsons (now, where did those buttons that make hyperlinks go..?) I created this community so people could come together to form a fanfiction.

Here's what you gotta do. Please read these carefully. This is pretty confusing...

1. You have to join. Duh, that's a given!

2. You have to love Meet the Robinsons, or at least like it to the point where you would like to see it again and read some fanfic on it.

3. When you send in a request to join this community, you will be able to start writing!

4. Once you have been accepted, which will often be about a day after you send your request if not sooner, post a small post saying you're new to the community, kay? Tell us how you came across this community and what you like about it!

5. When the first paragraph is done, check the comments to make sure no one has already called dibs on the next chapter. If they haven't, leave a comment saying that you'll be the next one to post the next part of the story.

6. Do not post your paragraph in the comments place. Post it to the community, and give it a name like "Chapter Twelve of So-and-So." Get it?

7. Once a person calls dibs, they have 24 to 48 hours to post it, then the next person in the pattern will be able to post the next chapter.

8. Depending on how many people are working on the webstory, a pattern of writing will start to take form after a while. Let's say (and these are just examples. Possibly bad examples, but, eh) Lewis writes the first chapter, then Laszlo calls dibs on the next chapter. That means that every time Lewis writes a chapter, Laszlo is next, then let's say Wilbur, then Franny, then back to Lewis. Got it?

9. You do not have to post your paragraph under an LJ cut. Pictures (though I doubt there will be any) do, however need to be posted under an LJ cut.

10. I hope these make sense. If they don't, please email us and we'll give you better insight on what to do.

Now, of course there are some rules.

1. Keep it clean. Kids read these things too, so try to keep the vulgar things down, i.e. sex, cursing, and anything else that might be considered inappropriate. Keep it at a G-PG rating. If someone wants to do a PG-13 fanfic, please let me know and I'll see what I can do.

2. Please, no slash. I have nothing against slash, but please. Just don't.

3. If someone has called dibs on the next chapter, that's final. No fighting or arguing here, 'kay? Everyone will get a chance to write!

4. After the pattern is started and goes for awhile, please try not to break it! If you find you can't type up the next chapter, just post a note about it and we'll keep going in the pattern. Don't worry if you can't seem to write your chapter!

5. No talking bad about anyone what so ever here. Not about their paragraph, not about them, nothing. Thank you.

6. If you have an idea for a fanfic, post it! However, do not right the first paragraph until the first webstory is completed. This is complicated as it is, so only one at time, please?

7. Have fun with it! Remember, a webstory starts out with no plot, and it will eventually become realized as more and more people post their paragraphs! Don't worry; it's easy!

I really hope these made sense!

Thank you and write on!

Remember: Keep Moving Forward


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